Stalkamp Pewter

(Cincinnati, Ohio Pewterer)

Compiled by

Gary Wiggins


John H. Stalkamp was a Cincinnati Britannia maker whose company was in business from 1853 until 1860. John Fred Wendeln and W. C. Pomroy were partners at times in the enterprise. Stalkamp worked for Homan after his business closed.

NB: Some items pictured here were taken from images on the Web. Obviously, none of those were examined de visu. There is no guarantee of accuracy in those listings. Nothing on this page is for sale by Hoosier Pewter. --GW (5/27/2022)

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J. H. Stalkamp & Co. ad in the 1/15/1855 Cincinnati Enquirer


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Thumbnail No. Name/Description Mark
creamer none J. H. Stalkamp & Co. creamer, engraved; Closeup of the engraving With thanks to Bill and Katie Parker. Mark
sugar 3 J. H. Stalkamp & Co. sugar Mark
sugar bowl ? Stalkamp 7 1/2" sugar bowl and 6" creamer. Sugar has straight line touch; creamer has semicircular mark.
coffeepot 8 Stalkamp attrib. teapot, engraved, only number 8 on bottom, 8 1/4" h, 10 1/2" h to top of detachable finial. Closeup of engraving (left); Closeup of engraving (right) Mark
sugar bowl 8 Stalkamp attrib. bowl, sugar, engraved, repaired, 5 3/8"h, 6" h to top of handle, 4 1/16"d base Mark
sugar bowl 8? Homan & Co. sugar bowl, engraved, w. lid and removable finial, 7" h incl. lid, 5 1/4" h to lid, 4 1/8" d base, CINCINNATI. (Possibly made by Stalkamp after he joined Homan & Co. The style of the handle does not match other Homan no. 8 items.) Mark appears to have been double marked on top of itself
teapot 8 J. H. Stalkamp & Co. teapot Mark
coffeepot 8 Stalkamp attrib. teapot, engraved, only number 8 on bottom; 6" h, 7 3/4" h to top of finial, 4" d base; small crack on base. Closeup of engraving (left); Closeup of engraving (right) Mark
teapot 8 Stalkamp & Co. teapot, engraved. "Closeup of engraving (left) showing F. Wendeln signature" "Closeup of engraving (right)" With thanks to Ted Wendeln. Mark
teapot ? J. H. Stalkamp & Co. teapot, engraved. Image found in: Sue Studebaker. Antiques Study Series: Pewter. Edited by Jessica Thress. [Lebanon, OH], Warren County Historical Society, 2012, p. 43.