The Bloomington Bones

The Bloomington Bones (formerly, The HornBones) is a group of up to six trombones that have played an eclectic selection of music (jazz to classical) in the Bloomington, Indiana area since about 1985. We are located in Bloomington, Indiana and most of us are affiliated with the Bloomington Community Band. Contact: g.wiggins at

Current Members of the Bloomington Bones

Bette Lucas
Steve Emery
Lloyd Orr
Greg Tittelbaugh
Gary Wiggins
Sheila Gerber (alternate: not pictured)

Selected Tunes Performed by the Bones

Fly Me to the Moon
Presto (Mozart)
Here's That Rainy Day
Frippery no. 4 (Shaw)
September in the Rain

Bloomington Bones at the Ellettsville Farmers Market, 6/13/2015

Bloomington Bones at the Girls, Inc. Holiday Hoopla, 12/2014

Bloomington Bones at the Salvation Army Chapel Rededication, 7/25/2013

Bloomington Bones at the American Legion, 8/11/2012

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